February 6, 2023


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What Makes A Good Business Idea? business ideas

After all, the more towns you work in the more opportunities you have to make money! You will need to invest in tools and equipment to work efficiently, and will need a suitable area at home to store these overnight. Some work can be a two-man job, so you might consider taking on an employee or two as your business grows.

  • Three entrepreneurs reveal their own approach to achieving a successful work-life balance.
  • Biscuits, breads, sweets, jams, preserves, cakes and foods like this are not only delicious but can be quite coveted if you get your recipe right.
  • Online freelance directories are a good way to list your services and accept commissions from the comfort of your home.
  • Some people mistakenly don’t do basic market research, or they only ask friends and family, who can be reluctant to criticise.

Research by Deloitteopens in new window found that 32% of consumers are highly engaged with adopting a more sustainable lifestyle. We catch up with the fitness-tech company taking the world by storm with their immersive combat game as they settle into their new office at Kennington Park. With over 30 years experience pioneering flexible office space in London; no one knows what you need more than our team of London based experts. If you find it difficult to squeeze a workout into your daily routine, the Shake Weight might be the solution you’re looking for… It also makes a great gag gift for the adrenaline junkie that already owns every other piece of fitness equipment.

For inspiration on how you can turn selling photographs into an at-home business, be sure to check out some of our seller stories. This guide also provides in-depth insight on how you can sell photos online regardless of your level of expertise. To make a living selling NFTs, it’s key to stay active on social platforms where NFT communities gather. As you get your name out there with your own social media presence, making connections with like-minded sellers and collectors is key to ongoing success. You can start small with your own home-based business—sites like Poshmark and Mercari are great places to sell your unwanted clothing.

Offer Bookkeeping Services

If you’re doing something that you genuinely love, often it doesn’t seem like work. App developers create their favourite fantasies from scratch and pour their hearts into their work. Many news and business websites also profile small businesses and owners. Finding out how they came up with their business idea could spark ideas for your new business. Some small business websites also feature insightful, inspiring podcasts you can download, while a huge number of successful small businesses post on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You must be able to make enough profit to keep the business afloat and pay yourself and any staff.

A report by the British Business Bank found that35% of smaller businessesLink opens in a new windowcited cost as a barrier to reducing their carbon emissions. Combine your love of tech with a passion for design, and you could soon become a freelance graphic designer. Your daily tasks will revolve around designing the layout and concept of magazines and advertisements, so creativity and an eye for detail are essential. If you’re a whizz at computers and gadgets, then becoming an app developer could be a rewarding and exciting job opportunity. You’ll need to have some tech know-how, but watching your code turn into a fully-fledged app will inspire you and could lead to a handsome income. Increase profit potential by having listed properties squeaky clean and always try to go the extra mile for your guests.

Housesitting and petsitting are good business ideas to start if you feel comfortable caring for and staying in a stranger’s home, potentially with their pets. Today, you don’t just have to sell services for weddings and corporate ad campaigns. You can easily set up a store and sell prints, posters, NFTs, and more.

Pet Rock

As an at-home business, flipping items on online marketplaces is one of the easiest businesses to start. Once you open an account and figure out how to list your prices and upload images, you can be well on your way to selling your first item. The pandemic damaged many industries, but the health and beauty industry wasn’t one of them. As an at-home business, you can start selling health and beauty items to customers through dropshipping or white label products.

Startup ideas don’t have to end at creating pieces or selling products. There are a host of services you can provide for clients and customers without sending them items, including becoming their personal trainer, life coach, or virtual assistant. To get started as an assistant in particular, you may wish to start advertising your services on professional platforms and find clients that you can work with in the long-term.

Start A Landscaping Business

With people having more time at home as a result of the pandemic and the popularity of TV shows like The Great British Bake Off, there’s been huge growth in the home baking sector. Despite record demand, trades businesses have experienced problems with rising costs and supply chain issues. Our data shows that the number of freelancers and tradespeople offering services to clients continued to rise last year. We analysed all new business insurance policies taken out in 2020 and 2021 to find the fastest growing small business sectors. If you’d prefer to keep your home private for most of the year, you can also consider renting out rooms as a short-term rental when you go away on holiday.