December 3, 2022


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Join the OGC and you can expect to be involved in a variety of projects that help us to navigate through any challenges and to anticipate any potential issues. It’s fast-paced work that will see you working closely with colleagues across the OGC and the wider firm. You’ll also have the chance to work with other member firms across the globe to help you build your understanding of the issues, opportunities and challenges facing our clients. Ultimately, you’ll be helping to make KPMG the clear choice for clients and colleagues alike.

Up and coming entrepreneurs have the chance to apply for free access to accelerator hubs across the UK where we support you to develop your business. I am a serial entrepreneur & I created Marketing91 because I wanted my readers to stay ahead in this hectic business world. Waste management is also required in case of hospitals where harmful materials like needles syringes surgical gloves stained with the blood of the patient are to be disposed of without causing pollution of any kind.


These services can help ensure travel plans are accurate and cost-efficient. Companies need insurance services not only to provide health and life insurance for employees but also for its property and practices. Some companies hire health and wellness experts, such as nutritionists, therapists or other doctors, to promote good health for their employees. These health services are available to the company’s employees if they are feeling unwell. Having these services can help encourage good health practices and ultimately improve workplace satisfaction. India is growing extremely competitive and giving a tough competition to other countries when it comes to providing services.

Personal business services include anything that can improve an employee’s work life. Some companies hire servicers to provide exercise centers, transportation assistance and relaxation areas. These personal services improve employee satisfaction, allowing them to reach their full working potential. Business services are referred to as the activities that assist business yet does not deliver a tangible commodity. For instance, Information technology is one such business service that supports various other business services such as shipping, procurement and finance.

  • Our goal is to help owner managers and entrepreneurs to start, run, grow and succeed in business, helping turn your business idea into a profitable business.
  • IT teams love the freedom to select the cloud services that match their needs and preferences, but this accidental multi-cloud …
  • Many organizations started to provide personal services to their employees on the company premises.
  • Consulting services can be for financial projects, business expansion projects or for a particular sector of business.

This helps employees maintain a better work-life balance and save time and money by providing them with reliable child care. This service is more commonly offered in workplaces like hospitals and some schools. When an employee is required to travel for work, it is customary for the company to provide travel arrangements.

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If you are responsible for improving your company’s work environment and business processes, it may be helpful to learn about the different types of available business services. In this article, we define business services and list 30 services to consider. These are the types of business services which every organization require once while the inception of the business. Construction services are also required later on in the business to update or modify certain existing offices. Designing are the types of business services which require immense focus and superb creativity.

Your business can get advice and financial help from government-backed schemes. There is a variety of governance, risk and compliance software on the market. Companies need maintenance service professionals to fix appliances and other malfunctioning equipment. Maintenance professionals help ensure that a company’s property functions properly, and they’re available to address service requests as needed.

Consulting services allow a company’s management team to gain skills and perspectives on topics that they don’t know much about. Companies can hire an event planning service for office parties, fundraising events and other corporate functions. The event management service is responsible for finding venues, supplies, staff and catering, if applicable. Size and growth of the UK non-financial business economy as measured by the Annual Business Survey , and the value of e-commerce and the adoption and use of information and communication technologies by UK businesses. Personal services also include escorting from home to office, insurance services, medical Services etc.

Security is also part of financial services which include security for fraud transactions. These types of business services especially important in the case of Research and development department where latest products are being discovered. This is an opportunity to join a team of expert professionals with a proactive approach to problem-solving and a commitment to adding value. You could find yourself looking after our management systems, inputting into the leadership decision-making process, providing tax expertise or working as a business partner for different service lines. We have a very inclusive environment with plenty of scope for career development, potentially including support for professional qualifications.