February 6, 2023


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What Is Business Management? And Why It May Be A Great Career Choice business management

This degree covers the core areas of corporate life, including managing people, operations, logistics, marketing, finance, and ethical management. Join this challenging and varied business management degree to learn about organisations, their management and the global environments in which they operate. You’ll learn new ways of thinking as well as a host of practical skills, and be challenged to apply these to real-world business and management scenarios, through projects, placements and internships. On this course, everyone gets to do business as well as learn about business. You will be guided and supported throughout your studies by our dedicated student experience team who offer enhanced course and programme advice and guidance, wellbeing, professional and academic and study skills development.

No, you can only send one UCAS application in each year’s application cycle, but this can include applications for up to five courses. When you register with UCAS, you will also receive a username and password so that you can access your application at a later date. This is the official applications service for the UK, and they will send your application details to each of the universities you have listed on your application.

Strategic Management

We also accept a wider range of international qualifications and tests. You must demonstrate a level of English language competency at a level that will enable you to succeed in your studies, regardless of your nationality or country of residence. Many of your assessments will involve industry engagement, real case examples, and practical solutions to contemporary business problems. Exams – these might be closed book, multiple choice, oral , short questions, seen case study/unseen exam question, open book, timed submission, etc.

  • Leaders have to collect information, consider alternatives and set a proper course of action.
  • No organisation can succeed without strong and consistent management.
  • Experienced facilitators can identify the overlooked areas and redraw focus on them.
  • The goal of management is to get people together to achieve the same desired objectives and goals by using the resources that are available in an effective and efficient way.

Consider hiring an experienced professional to workpart-time rather than a full-time employee. Hiring part-timers lead to the same work being done with a lesser impact on the company’s finances. Many unemployed job seekers may be more than willing to work for a lesser pay packet rather than have no employment at all. While it mostly depends on the company’s broader HR policy, the ability to manage more with less is increasingly being considered a key trait in a manager’s resume. But the truth is far from what business management graduates may like to believe.


You’ll develop the attributes, confidence and creativity to shape an organisation’s marketing strategy and help it take a customer-led approach to business opportunities. Strong financial management is essential to a prosperous business, so on this route we give you the opportunity to further your financial expertise. You’ll develop the specialist skills needed to assess the financial health of an organisation, control and co-ordinate its financial resources effectively, and help it avoid common pitfalls in performance management. We’ll help you prepare for a career in a global business environment that is rapidly changing, by supporting you to become more agile, innovative and resilient. You will also develop self-learning and team-working skills, which are crucial to success in the professional sphere.

If you are a UK student or have settled/pre-settled status and you want to study part-time then you apply to the university directly. Career options include management roles in the private, public or voluntary sectors of industry, including positions in general management, functional management , management consultancy or small business initiatives. Discover more about grants, student loans, bursaries and scholarships. We also provide advice and support on budgeting, money management and financial hardship. Our Business Society works closely with the School of Business to link you with the business world, through an annual series of workshops, guest talks, and career support.

Instead of a placement, you’ll have the opportunity to spend up to a year overseas, studying with one of our partner institutions across Europe, or beyond. Go abroad in the third year of your degree, and you’ll not only learn about other cultures, improve your language skills and discover more about yourself – you’ll also boost your career prospects. Having first-hand knowledge of another country’s cultures and traditions can take you far in a range of careers. And, by going abroad you’ll also demonstrate the kind of independent spirit and adaptability that many employers want. Our business management degree is for newcomers to managerial roles or anyone with some practical managerial experience who wants to develop their management skills across business and management disciplines. Managers are often sent to training programs and business management assignments to refresh their skills.

Many of our Young Enterprise competition students have been nominated for national awards. With our focus on practical career skills you’ll be an attractive prospect for any company. Our graduates go on to a huge variety of roles in organisations ranging from small local start-ups to large firms like O2, Deloitte, or BNY Mellon. Your studies are supported by a team of committed and enthusiastic teachers and researchers, experts in their chosen field. We also work with external professionals, many of whom are Manchester Met alumni, to enhance your learning and appreciation of the wider subject. Recognition that organisations need to promote positive management behaviours such as ‘cross-cultural training’ to ensure that a ‘global mindset’, ‘diversity’ and ‘gender’ are acknowledged at every level in the organisation.

We also have a three and a half year Business Management – accelerated BSc available for Rest of UK and International students. In addition, you will be able to do a short placement with a local firm to gain practical experience. While a newly appointed manager may not be expected to deal with delicate issues, they must learn with time what motivates their staffand keep them happy. A policy can be put in place to foster engagement and reward outstanding employees for their performance. In their epochal book “In Search of Excellence, ” business management gurus Bob Waterman and Tom Peters had famously upheld that business management by wandering around could be very useful in modern business management. However, the skill is largely neglected, given the demands that a manager has to cater to.