February 2, 2023


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Vetoquinol announces Rehabilitation Business Solution service

This new program will offer clinics rehabilitation training and continuing education credits

Vetoquinol USA recently announced the launch of their Vetoquinol Rehabilitation Business Solution (VeRBS). The new program will be able to help clinics begin offering rehabilitation services.

According to an organizational release,1 VeRBS is a 2-day onsite program for up to 10 clinic staff members giving them business planning services, lectures, marketing materials, instruction for using multiple rehabilitation equipment, hands-on labs, and more. Once a clinic completes the program, it will be able to prepare to immediately launch services for canines and felines and receive basic equipment.

“Just like people, dogs can benefit from programs that help improve fitness and overall mobility,” said Heidi Rooney, MBA, business solutions Development Manager, Vetoquinol USA, in the release.1

“With the VeRBSprogram, clinics can make staff training and equipment selection nearly turnkey. After a two-day training session, clinics will have the fundamentals to help patients regain strength, mobility, and comfort to become active family members again,” she continued.

The program, led by Beth Frank, DVM, MS, CCRT, cVMA, will teach veterinary professionals rehabilitation for forelimb, neurological, geriatric, hindlimb, and feline patients. VeRBS will provide participants with 10 hours of continuing education credits.

To schedule a training, contact Rooney at [email protected].


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