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Five of the six identified factors outlined in Figure 1 will also influence the leisure tourism behavior of sighted tourists except for the need of a barrier-free environment and its accessibility dimensions. However, a closer look at the specific fact

Five of the six identified factors outlined in Figure 1 will also influence the leisure tourism behavior of sighted tourists except for the need of a barrier-free environment and its accessibility dimensions. However, a closer look at the specific factors and their various concepts reveals significant differences between visually impaired travelers and sighted travelers. Compared with sighted travelers, the factor most likely to affect the leisure tourism behavior of the visually impaired is their reliance on other senses such as hearing, touch, taste and smell.

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  • What is clear is the magnitude of the blow received by the sector thus far.
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The WTTC also forecasts that, once the outbreak is over, it could take up to 10 months for tourism – which currently accounts for 10 percent of global GDP – to recover. In its ‘COVID-19 Hospitality Industry Impact’ the International Data Corporation projects that earnings will be 40 to 50 percent less than what was predicted before the outbreak, depending on the length of the pandemic. Like many sectors, the travel, leisure & hospitality space has been left reeling by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Yet, lately, people seem to find meaningful holiday experiences by combining those two elements. When one goes on a business trip, it is not uncommon for them to also seek leisure in the place they are visiting. Oftentimes, both of those things are located in the same place or in a nearby area. Our NPD team work year round to create bespoke and innovative products specifically for the UK and global travel market. Generating the latest trends and new taste sensations, to provide customers with appetising products when they are travelling.

Antecedent Factors

This is a gap this study is attempting to fill by identifying the factors affecting the leisure tourism behavior of visually impaired individuals and by proposing a theoretical framework based on the identified factors. For example, individuals with stronger health and enjoyment motives, are more likely to participate in leisure activities. Research from a socio-economic perspective pays attention eurotopian.com to people’s external characteristics such as economic income, occupation category, age group, family structure, gender, marital status and so on. Jiang et al. found that children in a family affect the frequency and type of leisure activities. Finally, to ensure the quality of the coding process and interpretation, the coded results were checked by both the research members and the interviewees .