February 2, 2023


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For a sunny spot use sun loving Surfinias and Bacopa and for a more shady corner try Lobelia and trailing Fuchsia. With the right care they should be packed with flowers until early bensonfarmersmarket.org

For a sunny spot use sun loving Surfinias and Bacopa and for a more shady corner try Lobelia and trailing Fuchsia. With the right care they should be packed with flowers until early bensonfarmersmarket.org autumn. The trend became uber popular last summer, as cost-effective garden makeovers reached fever pitch. Bend wire using pliers to make rods with curled hooks to hang them on.

YouTube gardening star Huw Richards shows how to guarantee early success by starting off young plants on a windowsill and suggests what to grow in each part of the bed. Isabelle Palmer shows you how to make the most of every little space with a series of projects for small gardens, singular containers and window boxes, that can be completed in a day or weekend. Perfect for novice gardeners,Modern Container Gardening offers beautiful photography and clear step-by-step instructions. A garden room is a great way to maximise and extend your space whether you want a home office or a yoga studio, and planning permission is not usually required.

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When the project was first suggested, it was met with enthusiasm from staff and residents in both homes. To check whether there would be enough interest, volunteers contacted residents, families and staff. The feedback they received was very encouraging, so it was decided to go ahead. SketchUp, Google’s 3D design software needs to be installed on your computer.

  • In this landscaped garden the planting is highlighted by recycled whelk shells, lighting up the ground underneath the Acer tree at the back of the garden.
  • You should also think about screening areas of your garden to create separate ‘rooms’.
  • We love to visit gorgeous English country gardens at any time of year – and more and more are opening for longer, as you can see from our piece on beautiful gardens to visit all year around.
  • The beauty of a colander is that it has ready-made drainage holes already built in, so you don’t need to worry about your roots becoming water logged.
  • Rural affairs show celebrating the richness of country life in Northern Ireland.

Container and balcony gardening finally got its moment at Chelsea 2021 and, in 2022, we’ll continue to see innovative ways to tend our small spaces, from planters on wheels to vertical gardening and green roofs. As interest in gardening has risen, so too has the cost of gardening. According to The FT, plant costs shot up by 8-13% in 2021, with Brexit and biosecurity checks partly to blame. With prices expected to rise further, it’s no surprise that Wyevale Nurseries predicts a preference for British-grown plants in 2022. Michael, a young adult with physical disabilities and early dementia, is supporting residents with more advanced dementia with activities mixing gardening and art. Welcome your guests and clients in your hotel or club with well maintained garden and open space.

A metre or more in depth is a perfect size for a border, giving you enough space to put smaller plants at the front with taller ones behind. In 2022 Jane has made a personal resolution to spend more time with her plants, which is a trend we can all jump on regardless of budget or space. In line with 2022’s style preference for all things retro, Jane expects interest in flowering houseplants to thrive. Think African Violets and anything from the Gesneriaceae and Primulina families. With flowers that can last up to two to three months, they bring a more long-lived joy than cut flowers.

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Get smart with landscaping to utilise space in a family garden to make it work for everyone. For example, Adolfo Harrison created a hidden playground in this garden in east London, weaving elements of play throughout the design so that both children and adults can enjoy the space. Butter Wakefield created an elaborate paving design of 10 interlinking circles in her Ribbon Wheel garden, each one different in design and size and connected to one another by a ‘ribbon’ of York cobblestones. The circles, created from a combination of limestone and York stone are laid in a mix of setts and cobbles creating a stunning effect. Once you have this frame, fill the gaps with pretty flowering plants. Try to stick to just five or six different types and arrange them in repeated patterns for a coordinated and harmonious effect.

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There are some great space-saving, foldable or stackable table and chair sets that are perfect for compact spaces – invest in a garden bistro set for style and functionality and deck chairs for easy, instant seating. For example, you could invest in an outdoor rug along with chunky knit throws, lanterns, and outdoor cushions for an inviting and snug feel. The colour and style of your paving and the way it is laid can provide a strong design direction for the entire garden. The activities fully incorporate the standards of care for dementia laid out by the Scottish Government . Box 2 shows some of the desired outcomes for people with dementia that gardening activities can help produce.

Each person in the team has brought a unique slant on what might be enjoyable for the residents. She articulated in her writing that helping Betty pick chives for the chef to use in a salad made her realise that not only did this help Betty feel included but also acknowledged the chef’s role in the project. The environment is always important for the standard of life we live. Clients and staff alike will enjoy the benefits of your well maintained green space too. Our gardening services include all commercial businesses/hotels, restaurants, clubs, parks, and sports grounds.