December 6, 2022


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Facebook Ad Targeting: 5 Powerful Strategies For Your Future Campaigns

Facebook Ad Targeting: 5 Powerful Strategies For Your Future Campaigns

Facebook Ad Targeting: 5 Powerful Strategies For Your Future Campaigns

Before 2013, advertising analysts slammed Facebook for being a social network with little promise for business or for gaining customer insight. However, the situation changed, and Facebook emerged as one of the largest social media platforms, with effective Facebook ads for marketers. Just behind Google (28.9%) and ahead of Amazon (10.3%), Facebook is responsible for over a quarter of all digital ad spending.

Moving forward with Facebook ads, as a marketer, you can precisely target your audience on Facebook. Reaching the people most likely to be interested in your brand may be done with the help of effective Facebook ad targeting. Explore more with this post if you don’t know much about this strategy. You may also go for another option: outsourcing your ad campaigns by collaborating with a reputed Facebook advertising company to present your business to the audience like a true professional.

The Facebook Audience, According To Meta

A group of target customers or potential clients to whom you want to show your ads is an audience on Facebook. It’s not complicated at all! It’s understandable since your products or services can’t be suitable for every visitor on Facebook. Therefore, Facebook categorizes your audience into three sections.

1. Core audience

An audience you can develop, preserve, and target in future ad campaigns is what a Facebook core audience is. You can specify your target market using age, interests, location, and more parameters.

2. Custom audience

Some of the best audiences for conversion are custom audiences. You can reconnect with them since they have already interacted with your company, maybe online or offline.

3. Lookalike audience

You can use the lookalike audience option to target new customers similar to your custom audience. You can reach out to them since they hold similar interests to your most loyal clients.

5 Powerful Facebook Ad Targeting Strategies 

You can reach out to incredibly targeted and frequently motivated audiences by mastering your Facebook ad targeting. Therefore, a well-known Facebook advertising company helps you to increase conversion rates while maintaining your current ad expenditure. As a result, it leads to increasing ROIs.

If you still haven’t used this facility for ad campaigns on Facebook, check out the five powerful Facebook ad targeting strategies.

1. Track your audience’s digital purchasing behavior

Facebook probably knows everything you spend time on. This information helps Facebook advertisers segment their audience based on their unique online buying habits. There are many subcategories of purchasing behavior, such as buyer profiles, clothing, food and drink, health and beauty, and many more. So, selecting the target audience based on their purchasing behavior is quite effective.

2. Show ads to the audience with unfinished purchasing

You can use Facebook Pixel’s website traffic events for retargeting website visitors who looked at a product page but didn’t buy anything. It’s also for those who have started signing up for your newsletter, platform, or any other form but haven’t finished it.

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