February 7, 2023


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Charity Business Development Manager, Jobs business development

Universities and research organisations increasingly expect their staff to diversify income streams, build pathways to impact, offer courses to partners and support knowledge exchange. These staff are busy and often don’t have the skills needed to build relationships and engage effectively with business or other external partners. For people whose job is to support these researchers or academics, this can be a challenging task. It is easy to make contacts but much harder to turn these into valuable, long-term, productive relationships that provide benefits to both sides.

Students get to pitch innovation ideas in crowd-funding style videos before developing their own business plans. With business development skills from franchising and internationalising to launching new start-ups, graduates of the MSc International Management and Business Development are positioned for successful employment in many industries. Graduates find roles in process management, people management and business development. We see business development as an important means of supporting our mission to build a better world through higher education.

Building on extant knowledge of the entrepreneurial process this module examines key aspects of entrepreneurial business development in theory and practice. As your experience and skills grow, you could move into a senior management role as a construction director and monitor all the work taking place on building projects. Sean is Director of Innovation Impact and Business at the University of Exeter. His team handles the University of Exeter’s support for collaboration with external partners whether for research, education or commercial business such as spin-outs and licensing. He is also responsible for strategic alliances, regional economic development and the generation of impact from the University’s research. He is a former member of the Board of the Heart of the South West Local Enterprise Partnership and the European Association for Knowledge Transfer.

The module seeks to expose students of business development and innovation to the range of research methods, consultancy skills, and project management techniques available. Business development is focused on obtaining more clients and exploring different ways to work to promote the growth of a company or organisation. By understanding the successes and failures of a particular company, business development professionals can determine areas to improve upon.

The Pareto Assessment Day

We support the development and delivery of Apprenticeships and skills training through continuing professional development and short courses. The module covers Innovation in Practice from both theoretical and practical perspectives. It introduces students to the underlying processes of innovation within organisations or different types. Moreover, the nature of innovation-based business processes is examined and critiqued.

  • This will often involve drawing on the skills and knowledge of colleagues from around the organisation to create innovative and exciting proposals.
  • Check the jobs pages of the websites of any companies and organisations you’re interested in, as current vacancies will usually be advertised there.
  • The University employs over 1,000 suitably qualified and experienced academic staff – 59% have PhDs in their subject field and many have professional body recognition.
  • The ideal candidate will have prior experience of successful fundraising and the development and implementation of strategies.
  • The role will enable the ACU to build an evolving and prosperous pipeline and deliver development impact, strengthening capacity within universities across the Commonwealth.
  • While there are no formal qualifications needed to become a business development manager, there are several routes you could take to help you pursue this career.

Improvement may come through generating and keeping good relationships with other companies and partners, or it may involve identifying opportunities for growth elsewhere. We are looking for a motivated Business Development Manager to develop and implement these growth strategies. You will be responsible for all income generated through Workplace Wellbeing initiatives. Currently we offer Workplace Wellbeing training to companies who pay for this service. You will be responsible for cultivating the training portfolio as well as developing growth opportunities such as consultancy and diagnostic tools. This is a role for an experienced Business Development professional with leadership skills, drive and strategic expertise.

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Identifying target companies, customers or clients is important to determine if you have a customer base that will be interested in your product or service. This means you can optimally dedicate your time, effort and resources to finding and securing leads that will have the most impact. You can determine your target audience through market research, data analysis and discussions with potential partners. You will also manage two Business Development Managers, developing their skills and guiding them to achieve targets that will sustain our ambitious growth.

Through external funding and partnerships, we can create more opportunities for our members, and increase awareness of universities’ contribution to sustainable development. We prioritize effective partnerships and collaboration, internally and externally, locally and internationally. This module examines applying strategy in the digital marketing context.

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The International Office also create and develop partnerships with key educational organisations across the world to enhance our reputation and our expertise, bringing education opportunities to those who cannot travel to the UK. Working in this fast paced, industry driven team allows you to contribute to campus diversity, learning opportunities and establish strong global contacts. This module seeks to provide students with an appreciation of the processes of firm internationalisation and the key issues that affect business and marketing decisions in an international and global context. Firm level processes and activities are considered within the context of the global business environment. Students will be given the opportunity to assess opportunities for internationalisation and the barriers that must be addressed.

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