December 6, 2022


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Once you have the clients, you can hire others and become a manager of your painting crew. Either way, it’s relatively easy work that there’s always a demand for. Are you an extremely organized person who can work on a deadline? Do you handle crises well and have strong interpersonal and communication skills? Then event planning may be a great small business idea for you. Scrapbooking has changed a lot in the digital age, but it’s still a popular craft and a business idea that could be very profitable.

To learn more about how to start a dog walking business see my course Start-a-Business 101. You can start watching this course and all the other courses for free on BusinessTown. Learn what you need to know to make this business a success and then plan it carefully. Facebook, Instagram and TikTok are among the many possibilities.

  • Businesses can be for-profit entities or they can be non-profit organizations that operate to fulfill a charitable mission or further a social cause.
  • It takes time, skill, and effort to develop SaaS software.
  • So the big question isn’t can you make a fortune in dropshipping, but rather will you make fortune.
  • One way to stay motivated is to watch a short video every day, such as a video from one of the different courses on BusinessTown.

For many homeowners, chores such as gutter and siding cleaning are right up there on the “I don’t want to do that” list. Besides being messy, there’s always an element of danger involved when people are working with ladders. Ever try to fit a sheet of plywood into the back of one of those new compact SUVs? Then you know why the demand for hauling services is on the rise.

Brainstorm Your Next Small Business Venture

I took my life savings – just $1,000 – and bought a bunch of second hand bicycles – all that I could afford. If you want to find out more, take a look at my courses including, Start-a-Business 101 and How to Create a Business Plan. A common myth is that anyone who has a smartphone can be an awesome photographer. So if you’re not a great photographer, you may want to brush up on your skills by taking a few classes. If you want to find out more, consider my courses including Start-a-Business 101, which you can try for free on BusinessTown. Ariana Huffington started a blog with her friend Ken Lerer in 2003 after a failed political race for governor of California.

I remember her taking some highly decorated wicker pocketbooks she had made to be sold at Bonwit Teller, once one of Boston’s most famous women’s stores. Plus they have some solid food choices including avocado toast, bagels, sandwiches, salads, and smoothies. From my observation, the nearby Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks have only a fraction of the business that Diesel Cafe enjoys.

I have found that having money and experience are not the most important factors for succeeding in business. There is also a steady demand for teaching people who aren’t native speakers of English how to speak and write English . Influxes of immigrants from West Asian companies means people who can speak and read Arabic will find there’s no shortage of work available. Painting, whether exterior or interior, is another of those chores that many people don’t want or have time to do, which makes it another of those chores that you can make money doing for them. Then maybe DJing is the small business idea you’ve been looking for.

Ecommerce Store Owner

Many businesses seek data entry clerks to help them enter information into their computer systems and spreadsheets. If you have strong computer and typing skills, this might be the business for you. Turn your caffeine addiction into something a little more lucrative. Opening a franchise or buying an existing shop are lower-risk entry points to the coffee game but they usually require a little more cash upfront.

Manufacturing is the production of merchandise for use or sale using labour and machines, tools, chemical and biological processing, or formulation. You can go to a traditional lender or one that operates online. Or you may want to consider a government-backed loan, such as those offered through the Small Business Administration.

With rising unemployment and a saturated job market, there’s no shortage of people needing help finding jobs. If you have a talent for helping your friends and family find suitable employment, you can probably help others too. Some of the most profitable homemade products include agricultural products, beauty solutions like cosmetics and soaps, and accessories such as jewelry.