February 8, 2023


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Our programmes undergo an annual review and major review to ensure an up-to-date curriculum supported by the latest online learning technology. For further information on when we may make changes to our programmes, please see the changes section of our Terms and Conditions. Of course you might want to run on your own business when you graduate. With the optional Business Creation module, you can get started during your studies, networking with other entrepreneurs while you work at Innospace.

Please note that the following list of units is indicative and may be subject to change. 10 credits equates to 100 hours of study, which is a combination of lectures, seminars and practical sessions, and independent study. The exact composition of your study time and assessments for the course will vary according to your option choices and style of learning. If you are applying independently, or are applying from a school or college which is not registered to manage applications, you will still use the Apply system.

Contextual Offers

As a sales manager, you drive your sales reps to foster strong relationships with prospects, convert them to leads and move them through the sales pipeline. You will receive remote access to your learning resources so you can learn from home as well as campus. The opportunity to participate in national and international business competitions. With bookable meeting rooms, breakout spaces for group projects, an entire floor for silent study and thousands of books and resources.

However, many students choose to buy some of the core textbooks for the course and/or a laptop. Students may also need to print their assignments and other documents. Estimated costs are £300 for a laptop, and up to £100 each year for books and printing. There’s further information for international studentson our international website if you’re applying with non-UK qualifications. This unit critiques the role of multi-national organisations, social enterprises and the role of the state in the emergence of responsible enterprise as a movement to address global issues for people and planet. The Unit enables students to meet the significant challenges facing individuals and enhances employability in an extremely competitive market.

This practical course will help you find your calling in international business with modules ranging from consultancy to enterprise. We’re also one of 140 business schools worldwide to be accredited by the EQUIS scheme for our managerial and entrepreneurial skills development. In this course you will examine how international businesses start, operate, adapt, and grow. You will learn how to put business management techniques and models into practice and understand their limitations. Ensure that all attendees engage in the agenda and offer appropriate inputs.

  • Knowing basic business accounting will enable you to answer questions such as how much you can spend on marketing, or whether you have the ability to secure a loan from a bank.
  • Some managers go through company training to learn the skills they need.
  • At Roehampton Business School we provide you with a flexible, career-focused journey towards successful and fulfilling graduate careers.
  • You’ll also have the opportunity to speak to academic staff and find out more about the subjects you’re interested in.

In Stage 3, you’ll study a number of compulsory and optional modules, covering topics such as corporate social responsibility and ethics, managing diversity, community engagement, corporate communications, and innovation. Trained postgraduate researchers also contribute to seminar teaching with their latest research-led insight. Industries as diverse as chemicals, utilities, fashion, health, grocery and construction all require functional managers with a clear understanding of systems, efficiency and operational issues.

Core Units

Employee recruitment and retention is crucial for the growth and profitability of an organization and should be a high priority for every business. At the University of Cincinnati Online, we want to help develop and retain your employees through our Business Partnership offering. If you need any more information from us, eg on courses, accommodation, applying, car parking, fees or funding, please contact us and we will do everything we can to help you.

Accreditation Association for Project Management The Association for Project Management, the chartered body for the project profession, is committed to developing and promoting project and programme management in the UK. By attending an EQUIS accredited institution, students can be confident they are part of a high quality institution. Business issues are often addressed at a European and international level. Indeed, you can’t learn all the skills required for a job before starting your professional career. But still, companies today look for several broad business management skills among job applicants.

Contrary to popular belief, business management isn’t solely about providing direction as a ‘superior’ member of the workforce. Instead, it’s about doing whatever is necessary – even if it means getting your own hands dirty – to get the job done and optimise the organisation’s performance. If you cannot function as an effective team player, you cannot and will not succeed in management. Official statistics suggest that business management is one of the most popular subjects among college and university students worldwide.

Tactical solutions should only be brought up during the decision-making part. They should be executed based on the timeframes that are in the document for the business management strategy. Extra business schedules can be formed and assigned to this tactical implementation practice as well. Managers and directors have the responsibility and power to look over an enterprise and make decisions. The management size can be anything from a single person in an organization to thousands of managers in companies that are in different nations.