February 2, 2023


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Business Idea: 3 Small Capital Business Ideas

Business Idea: 3 Small Capital Business Ideas

Business Idea: 3 Small Capital Business Ideas

Business Idea at this time is very important to start a business. The concept of investing in villages with small capital is the key to building a business in the early stages.

At this time in the village apart from being a place to live, the wealthy or the villagers also choose to build an ecosystem in the countryside because the potential generated in the future is very good and also makes the village more advanced with the existence of the ecosystem. Living in the village does not mean an obstacle to success. In business, the most important thing is opportunity. If you can take advantage of opportunities, you will surely succeed. For those of you who want to become entrepreneurs in your village to build a more advanced village ecosystem, As alternatives, consider the following investment opportunities:

(1) Credit Business

If you have a small capital and minimal risk, that is suitable for you to run is the enterprise of selling credit. Does not require a lot of capital. You will still have more funds, you can invest with only IDR 50,000. In addition, you can add some products that can be sold and related to smartphones such as starter packs, chargers, batteries, casings, and OTG cables.

(2) Haircut

In addition to the credit business, a popular business from time to time in rural areas is hairdressing. Because the lack of barbershops in rural areas is one of the reasons for you to open this jobs. The potential that you will get will be great because you could be the only barbershop in your village.

(3) Free-range chickens

If this is a suitable business for beginners, it’s better to raise native chickens compared to cattle. Because if you have cows, the costs required are very large. In addition to the affordable costs, this project appears to be highly successful. There are two types of business systems: reselling eggs and meat or producing your own eggs and meat.