February 8, 2023


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If you’re considering a job as a business development manager, you could apply to begin your career as an assistant or trainee within a construction company. As you become more experienced, your employer might offer training to help you progress in the role. Business development managers are responsible for driving business growth within a company. They develop a network of contacts to attract new clients, research new market opportunities and oversee growth projects, making sales projections and forecasting revenue, in line with projected income. This term refers to potential revenue or income opportunities and where they fall in the process of purchasing from or forming a partnership with a company. The pipeline visually represents the progress of the deals, beginning with prospecting and ending with closing the deal.

business development

This module seeks to provide students with an appreciation of the processes of firm internationalisation and the key issues that affect marketing decisions in an international and global context. This course is aimed at providing you with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of a range of business-related disciplines, with a particular focus on business development and innovation. The course covers several relevant topics and has links with the world-renowned Harvard Business Schoolthrough the Competitiveness module.

Rural Business Development Grant Scheme

The class of Honours awarded in Bachelor’s degrees is usually determined by calculation of an aggregate mark based on performance across the modules at Levels 5 and 6 (which correspond to the second and third year of full-time attendance). Each of the taught modules is delivered using the block intensive learning approach. Thus, each module is delivered over three full days with an additional follow-up day.

  • Business management is carried out across many sectors, in most towns and cities and within many different types of organisation.
  • Our client, an Emmy Award winning video company, is looking for a Business Development Representative to join our European based sales team.
  • We encourage bold leadership, innovation in all aspects of our work, creative partnerships and accountability to those we serve.

We also enjoy regular social events from murder mystery nights to Gala dinners. Producing pitches and presentations, identifying, qualifying and speaking with business opportunities and tracking your leads will be daily tasks. The expected salary for a business development manager varies as you become more experienced. You should explore these routes to becoming a business development manager, to find out which is the right one for you. Although some of these options have certain qualification requirements, many employers are more interested in people who are enthusiastic, willing to learn and can follow instructions. Though a business developer may not finalise any deals, they should be able to negotiate with potential clients and partners to understand if their organisation can get a good deal early on in the vetting process.

Project Manager

When the tools of marketing change, marketing strategies and marketers themselves must evolve too. Business development and innovation in challenging times is key to business growth and economic recovery. The overall aim of the MSc Business Development and Innovation course, therefore, is to provide an academically challenging, intellectually stimulating programme of study that educates, develops and enhances your professional competence. In short, a course with a strong theoretical underpinning and relevant practical application. As a business development manager in the construction industry, you could progress into a role as a bid writer, and take on responsibility for preparing and writing commercial documents needed by companies to win new contracts. Work experience is essential to gaining employment within the construction industry.

To ensure that Salesforce is maintained with contacts, leads, opportunities and activities and be able to analyse data to advance conversations with commissioners and stakeholders. To build a broad strategic network of stakeholders across the nation/region i.e. NHS, Local Authorities, GPs, VCSE, Service User groups and other organisations through meetings, events and conferences.

This will often involve drawing on the skills and knowledge of colleagues from around the organisation to create innovative and exciting proposals. Develop and implement ambitious sector strategies and produce tailored new business propositions for your sectors that align to corporate challenges and opportunities. Proactively manage budgets, monitor and report on corporate partnership income generation to ensure income targets are delivered. Bachelor’s degree in relevant field, including international relations, political science, public administration, and communications.