February 2, 2023


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5 Reasons Fashion Stores Prefer In-Stores to Online Customers

5 Reasons Fashion Stores Prefer In-Stores to Online Customers

5 Reasons Fashion Stores Prefer In-Stores to Online Customers

Like other businesses, fashion stores have taken their business online as customers are getting confident shopping online. They have continued to run both the physical and online shops, seeing the advantage that each has on their business. However, there is this need to find out which medium is most preferred by customers

You can learn more about fashion stores experiences with online and offline customers on luminablog.com. With proper accounting management services, you can determine which of these two sets of customers bring more profit to the store. And as a businessperson, you will always prefer the set of customers that brings in more profit.

With research and reviews, we have been able to determine five reasons why fashion stores owners prefer in-stores customers, as shown below:

1.  Customers can feel the products.

Fashion store owners feel that customers will be more willing to buy when they can feel the products. The ability to test the products and see how they fit properly will gear customers, then online customers who will not have the opportunity of feeling the fabrics and trying the fitness of the products. This is one of the reasons why businesses encourage visitors to their stores rather than online shoppers.

2.  They can get expert advice.

Fashion store owners feel that they can encourage customers to buy products or services when they come to the shop and request advice. It is likely that when customers visit the shop, they may approach the salesperson who they believe is an expert and seek advice or want to know more about the product. This expert advice can encourage them to buy the products as they give them valuable and encouraging tips. Customers become more confident about a product or service when they speak to an expert who gives them more value about the product.

3.  Immediate availability

Another reason in-store customer sales are more than online stores is that the products are readily available. Online customers may not have the patience to wait for the products and may not be available for delivery, so they hardly convert to sales. But the readiness to buy immediately is higher with in-store customers who can pay for the products and take them home immediately. Online delivery may take from hours to days or weeks, which may discourage some people, reducing sales.

4.  Understanding the customers

Shop owners can interact with the customers when they come to their shop, which will help improve customers’ experience. Customers may create bonds with the shops with this experience, and they may create a bonding with the shop, making them come back and patronize the shop. These owners prefer the physical connection with the customers more than the online connection.

5.  Low return rate with in-store customers

There is a higher rate of returns with online sales than offline sales. Customers that come to the shop have accessed the product and are very satisfied with them before they buy, unlike online customers who may not have access to physical touch or feel with the products. They tend to return products more that they find not to meet their expectations or seem different from what they expected. This is not a pleasant experience for shop owners, and they get to be discouraged more with online shoppers.

Nowadays, it is advisable to have an offline and online presence to help improve awareness and increase sales. But when it comes to preference in terms of customer interaction, online shopping seems to take the lead.