February 2, 2023


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3 Questions about Starting a Business

3 Questions about Starting a Business

3 Questions about Starting a Business

Many questions arise before starting anything, including before starting a business. Then we summarize 3 questions about starting a business.

Check out the following 3 selected questions, so that you are more confident in starting your dream business.

1. When should one start a business?

If you already have an idea of what business you want to do, have the capital to start, know how to do it, and have the time to do it, start right away. There is no better time than “now” if you can already imagine the shape of your business well.

Richard Branson, a British entrepreneur who owns the Virgin Group, once said, “A big business starts small.”

Yes, you can start a small business. Starting from home, from a pre-order system with a limited number, and from a turnover of only hundreds of thousands. starting is the most important thing. Big capital, a comprehensive business strategy, and a good vision will be useless if the business doesn’t start.

2. What business is suitable for beginners?

A business that is suitable for beginners is a business whose field is understood and/or liked by the beginner. The business can be a franchise or a business that you start yourself from 0, but it is important to choose the right field according to your interests.

The food business can be suitable for A who has gone to cooking school and B who has a hobby of eating as well as a hobby of experimenting in the kitchen. However, the same food business may not be suitable for C, who prefers to take care of plants and understands various plant names and how to care for them.

So, again, choose a business that you really understand and/or are passionate about. The struggle to start, maintain, and grow a business takes a lot of energy and doesn’t take long. If you don’t like or understand the business from the start, there is a risk that it will be difficult to maintain it if one day you encounter problems.

3. What should be considered when starting a business?

There are 4 important steps before starting a business:
1. do some business research first,
2. don’t get stuck in trouble (especially when preparing),
3. choose a business that benefits others,
4. smart and careful to process the capital you have.