February 7, 2023


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25 Ideas For How To Start A Small Business At Home In 2022 business ideas

In her spare time, she loves reading books at coffee shops and playing with her dogs. If so, offering your services to the public could be a simple way of making money while doing something you love! Whether you’re skilled in nails or hairdressing, you can either offer mobile services or work towards running your own salon from home. If you already own a business or blog, then creating a podcast is an easy way of getting more traction to your site. Though you can do podcasting as a standalone gig, you’ll be more profitable and successful if you gear it up with something you already do.

You can use the BookThatApp or Acerill Appointment Booking for Shopify to let customers easily schedule a session or consultation or buy tickets to a class with you through your store. Launching your own book can be a great way to monetize a blog if you have or are looking to start one. You can even use t-shirt mockup templates so you don’t need to spend extra money on a full photoshoot for every new design. Enter your postcode to find business support and case studies from businesses within your region. Further ways to reduce waste include installing food waste bins, replacing paper towels with cloth alternatives and limiting your amount of in-house printing.

Productize Your Service Or Expertise

Although there is quite a bad reputation with regards to online surveys, you will be surprised to learn there are plenty of opportunities that actually pay out. This is quite an open ended small business idea as you can pretty much do anything you like with this. Fiverr is a fantastic website to dip your toes into the entrepreneurial pond, it’s a quick and simple way to gain experience in any field of work which you specialise in.

  • The home repairs and improvement industry sits at around $450 billion in market value.
  • Just pick a topic that interests you and put together simple guides or reviews.
  • Try offering dog grooming services if you have space in your home to set up a grooming station.
  • For this reason, you don’t necessarily need a large number of customers to do well, as you would with a product-based business.
  • Many people are looking for fresher fruit and veg which can be traced back to the farmer, so why not cut out the middlemen and get some cash flowing into your home grown business.
  • As you get traction with testimonials and samples, it becomes easier to land a steady stream of customers over time.

If your voice is already out there, then podcasting can really give you an edge over competitors in your niche. Being an event planner can be a very profitable business idea, however the main struggle that beginners face is getting the right contacts to help make a consistent income. This may sound interesting to many people but it must not be confused with simply buying every piece of art you can get your hands on.

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Often there’s no better way to learn than from those who’ve been there and done it. And reading about how others came up with their idea and turned it into a successful business might also enable you to think of a great business idea of your own. Watching The Apprentice, Dragons’ Den or other business entertainment programmes might inspire you to come up with your own winning business idea. If you have a brilliantly creative idea for a novel or expert knowledge in a subject, then writing a book can be a brilliant and cheap business idea. After all, you don’t have to pay for each word you write on a Google Doc (if you did, I’d be out of a job). The majority of students around the world learning English will find it difficult to pay for the courses and classes you offer, so I advise that you have a product/service that is affordable.

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Memberships are great for managing members-only access to content on a website, and even for physical businesses that offer guided sessions online. Yoga studios, gyms, clubs, and art schools are a few examples of businesses that can easily take advantage of this low-investment business model. Business planning is often used to secure funding, but plenty of business owners find writing a plan valuable, even if they never work with an investor. That’s why we put together a free business plan template to help you get started.