February 6, 2023


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100+ Business Ideas For A New Small Business business ideas

One of the first and most popular business models to come from the rise of the internet and the ability to work from anywhere is the blog. These are an online equivalent to magazine articles and columns, and you can easily set one up for free to cover an array of topics that interest you, and that you think will be useful to others. Whether it be in graphic design, web development, finance or project management, freelancing means stepping away from working for a company and hiring out your skills directly.

  • Cleaning companies are on the rise, which is a healthy sign for those looking to start a business – in 2020 alone, there were 66,420 operating.
  • Franchising allows you to set up a business following a proven formula – although you’ll be subject to restrictions.
  • You can produce social media content that resonates with these people or run ads that target their interests.
  • Many people base their business on their hobby or things they love, whether that’s coaching football, pet sitting (or pet grooming!), being a personal chef, or starting a cleaning company.
  • Read our guide to starting a cake and baking business for the key steps you need to follow.

For photographers, this may also mean purchasing software and editing equipment, and setting up a studio space where you can take pictures. You may then choose to market your work through social media, set up your own website where people can book sessions, and ask for friends and family to spread the word about your business. It’s worth noting that it’s a long journey from business idea to commercial reality. You’ll need to properly research your market, draw up a realistic business plan and you may need to secure funding, such as a Start Up Loan, to help buy equipment, stock and premises. Always get professional advice – our expert mentors are available to help start-up owners taking a Start Up Loan to get their plan into shape and their business off the ground.

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You could earn as low as 5% for each sale, while some commissions can be as high as 50% if you’re promoting a class or event. Some affiliate programs also offer a flat rate versus a percentage. Just be mindful of any regulations in your product category, especially for anything customers will eat, inhale, or put on their skin.

Market research is essential to check if your business idea is viable; your market should not be devoid of players but neither should it be saturated. Women-owned businesses are on the rise and there has never been a better time to start one. It drives everything about the company, from what products and services are offered to how these products are marketed. This idea doesn’t need to be unique, but it must have the potential to capture part of its target market. Put another way, it must offer something different from companies already working in the marketplace otherwise their credentials and head start will make it practically impossible for you to compete. Ideas that build on your skills and experience can be worth your time, and many a side hustle can mature into a fully-fledged business.

Sell On Creative Marketplaces

It’s also a very flexible and can fit around any timetable, a great place to start would be on a website like Upwork which hosts a wide range of job opportunities. Are you an avid photographer who can take your hobby to the next level? The number of home baking businesses increased by a further 24 per cent between 2020 and 2021, following a 157 per cent rise between 2019 and 2020. In recent years there’s been increased awareness of food safety, with new measures introduced such as Natasha’s Law. The number of new catering businesses increased by 39 per cent between 2020 and 2021, according to our data.

If you’re looking to make money from home, offer pet owners a place to drop off their animals when they head out of town. You can also explore becoming an affiliate—selling other products or services for a commission—or accepting payment for sponsored posts to give brands a chance to connect with your audience. As you can see, most of these ideas involve digital media packaged as products, which means no inventory to keep around the house. If you’re running your home business on Shopify, you can sell digital products seamlessly using the Digital Downloads or SendOwl apps. “Productizing” your service—creating physical or digital products that package up your expertise and streamline or complement the service you offer—can add additional revenue streams to your business.

Place adverts for your business in shop windows and have flyers about the area. In some cases, with permission, you might even be able to restore or repair unwanted items to sell on. Gardening is a great business if you are an active person with creative flair. It can also be very demanding on you physically, with early mornings, weekend work and manual labouring.